& were created to offer art that captures the beauty and splendor of Ohio. Jim Siemer was first inspired by the beauty of Middlebass Island up on Lake Erie to begin painting watercolors. Jim founded in 2006. Jim believes that Ohio is the most beautiful state in the United States and decided to expand his focus and offer art that captures the beauty of destinations all across Ohio. Hence - this is why the site is called & & offers watercolors created by Jim Siemer and jewelry created by his wife Larisa - who is Jim’s muse.

Jim Siemer is an artist from Columbus, Ohio whose family built a cottage on Middle Bass Island in 1983 and Jim was inspired by the beauty of the Lake Erie area to begin painting watercolors. Jim believes that Ohio is one of the most beautiful states in our nation and over the last 25 years he has painted numerous watercolors capturing Ohio’s splendor.

Prints of Jim’s watercolors are available in Lake Erie area gift shops and galleries on Middle Bass Island, Put-in-Bay, Catawba Island, Port Clinton, Marblehead, and in downtown Columbus and its suberbs. 

Jim is a graduate of Bishop Ready High School, Columbus, Ohio where he was first inspired by art teacher Sister Marie Miller to appreciate the wonders of art. Jim graduated from Ohio University and attended Columbus College of Design and Maryland College of Art and Design. Jim has taken several watercolor classes in Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. Jim was a board member of Ohio Citizens for the Arts and was the merchandise manager for 200Columbus in 2012 which celebrated the bicentennial of Columbus, Ohio.

Jim recentenlty created art celebrating the Bicentennial of the Battle of Lake Erie (2013). He created the poster art celebrating the Sesquintennial (2011) of the Ohio Statehouse and has created the official art for the 1996 National Cherry Blossom Festival, the 1997 official parade designs for President Clinton’s Second Inauguration, the 2000 holiday card for the Ohio State Representatives, the 2003 Taste of DC official poster design, official designs for the 2004 America Celebrates the Greatest Generation Word War II Memorial opening, The Paris on the Potomac official art for the Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation, the 2005 poster art for the 100 Anniversary of Lake Erie Miller’s Ferry and the 2009,2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 cover art for the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Year Book.

Larisa created Lara's Fashion Jewelry and she has been designing fashion jewelry for over 6 years specializing in creating nautical jewelry for Lake Erie gift shops and fashion jewelry for Columbus area gift shops. Larisa creates her hand crafted jewelry with fine semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, crystal, glass and polymer clay.

When Larisa first visited the Lake Erie area she was impressed by the beauty of the Islands, the vineyards, the beautiful birds and the nautical life. This inspired Larisa to create fashion jewelry to attempt to capture this beauty.  Larisa enjoys exhibiting her fashion jewelry along with her husband Jim at numerous art shows in Ohio.