Don't Give Up The Beer

Don't Give Up The Beer
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  • Item #: Leh-1

This watercolor by Jim Siemer is a humorous twist on Commodore Perry's famous  quote: "Don't Give Up The Ship".  Jim's art titled "Don't Give Up the Beer" also features several of the bars that he has frequented up on Lake Erie and it is offered with the following choices:

4 x 6 Note Card at $3.00

5 x 7 Matted Print at $10.00

8 x 10 Matted Print at $18.00

11 x 14 Matted Print at $24.00

5 x 7 with Yellow Frame at $50.00

8 x 10 with Yellow Frame at $60.00

11 x 14 with Yellow Frame at $75.00 

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Price $3.00